What is Tao Science?

Tao Science is the science of creation and grand unification. It integrates profound Tao wisdom with quantum physics and reveals what everything is made of, how everything is created, and how everything is unified, including how everything comes from and returns to Source. It brings science and spirituality together at a fundamental level.

“Tao Science has brought me to a much deeper awareness of how everything around me starts within myself. We are all entangled. So if I change myself—everything around me changes.”
N. Kaiser
“The Tao Science Karma course really broke down my old ‘I am a victim’ mindset. Self-clearing of negative karma works. I just need to do the work.”
T. MG.
“Tao Science is the science of the future. It uplifts us to the most positive frequencies and vibrations to manifest everything we wish.”
P. Ing

Learn Tao Science

There are many opportunities to learn about Tao Science. Tao Science is constantly developing and pushing the boundaries of knowledge, so you are encouraged to check the events listing often so you do not miss any of the fascinating and life-changing Tao Science events.

Upcoming Events


Tao Science Secrets to Creation & Manifestation
Free introduction evening in person and via webcast
May 3, 7-9 pm
Workshop in person and via webcast
May 4-5, 10 am – 6 pm
Master Sha Tao Center Toronto, 1160 Ellesmere Road
Information & Registration: https://www.drsha.com/events/tssc-to-may4/